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Junk Cars for Cash: Are you looking to sell your unwanted car fast?  Junk Car Cash is make selling your junk car super simple!  Call our 24/7 hotline and a dedicated representative will ask you a few basic questions about the make, model and year of your car.  They will then input your information into our advanced computer system that will provide you with an instant and guaranteed quote for your car.

  1. Call for your instant quote over the phone that is guaranteed.
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  3. Receive a check for your agreed amount when we collect your vehicle!

We Buy Cars in Any Condition Even if It Doesnt Start or You Don’t have the Title!!

We buy cars in all makes, models and conditions.  Even if you do not have the title, we can still buy your car!  Whether your car is in pristine condition or if it doesn’t even run, we will make you an offer.  If you agree to our guaranteed price over the phone, then one of our agents will visit your property to tow away the car for free and give you a check for the agreed amount!

Nationwide Coverage for Selling Your Car

We have physical location across the entire United States.  From small towns to big cities, we are able to buy your car and pay you cash on the spot no matter where you live!

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How Long Does it Take to Get My Car Picked Up?

In most cases we can have someone to your house within 24 hours. If you live in a major metropolitan area, we can often have someone come to your house immediately for pickup.

Do I Need a Title?

A title is recommended but without one it is usually not a problem, just make sure you have your driver’s license and a copy of your registration. A title will make the ownership transfer process much simpler.. Please notify us of this information as soon as possible.

Do I Need My Registration?

Registration is not required in every situation to pick up your junk car, but if it is you do not have a title. Let us know when you call that you are missing your registration and we can tell you if a replacement is necessary.

What Type of Cars Do You Buy?

We buy all types of junk cars or trucks. It doesn’t matter the size, make, model or condition of the vehicle. Although these things may impact the offer made for your junk car.

Will You Charge Me Money for Anything?

We charge no fees for anything. When you call us for pickup, we will initiate the towing process & take care of any and all charges and fees before giving you payment for your vehicle.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay you when your car is picked up.

Do I Have to Be There When the Tow Truck Comes?

If the required paperwork is present in the vehicle or has been provided to us already then no, you do not need to be present for your car to be towed. The only time you need to be present is if your vehicle is in a locked or closed space to which we will need access.

Will I Need to Go to the DMV?

No. We can handle the paperwork from our end, but if you need something notarized or a special form only available from the DMV, you may need to go in. It depends largely on the state in which you need a car towed.

What Do You Do with the Junk Car After You Take It Away?

This depends on the condition of your car, it will be salvaged, which means the fluids, electrical components and serviceable parts are removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The remainder is crushed for scrap metal.

Can You Provide an Appraisal over the Phone?

We take care of the entire appraisal process over the phone and in person. You don’t need to do anything and we don’t send anyone to your house prior to pick up. Additional appraisals are done after pickup.

Do I Get a Receipt?

Receipts are offered by the junk car towers that come to your house to pick up the vehicle. You should request a receipt when you schedule this appointment or when they arrive.

What about Donations? Can I Give My Car to Charity?

Sure! We will refer you to reputable charity that accepts car donations. If you have a specific question regarding what is done with your vehicle or the payment for your vehicle, please call us to discuss.

Do I Need to Do Anything for Transfer of Ownership?

We take care of all the paperwork during processing according to your state’s transfer laws. However, you should make sure to remove your license plates and you may need to provide additional documents in some cases (we will let you know over the phone if this is necessary).

How Do I Know What My Car will be Worth?

We have a series of specific questions and criteria we use to establish the value of a junk car. We will ask these questions on the phone and verify the data in person when your car is picked up. We can then offer you payment, often on the spot. In some cases, additional appraisal is needed after pickup, in which case payment will be made shortly afterwards.

My Car is Wrecked/Old and Rusty – Can You Still Take it?

We pick up any condition vehicle, though you should inform us when you call if your car cannot be towed by a traditional tow truck and needs a wrecking crew.

What if I have Multiple Cars That I Want Removed?

If you need multiple vehicles removed, simply let us know when you call and we will include them all in the quote and make sure your removal expert has the resources needed to pick them up.

Do You Resell Cars?

If your car is a newer model and is worth more than just scrap metal and or recycled parts then your junk car may be worth more in resale – which will result in a higher offer.

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